“One must move to the borders of architecture in order to blur it and ultimately renew it”

We asked jury member Alfredo Brillembourg to reveal his expectations, talk about the site and also to share his last advice.

What are you looking for in competition proposal?

A surprise! Cities grows and are more complex than ever and the structure is a part of social interaction. It is a piece of coding to the complex city and it has to analyze its site. Maybe it can be aware of the climate and be different during the day. The structure must be intelligent. It must use a limited amount of resources. I call it the minimum/maximum. How to make the most out of the least. I am looking for programming, multiple programming. What can it do? Watch, sit on, grow things on or/and charge your cell phone. It must engage with real actions on the city. An object in itself is meaningless without content. The iconic factor is also important, the structures visibility.

So the site, what do you think about architecture engaging with a music festival?

Fantastic! I am a big music fan and hang around with the musicians all the time. I also play the saxophone and do performances. Architecture is just a medium. The festival is another type of event that architecture engage with. It is architecture and sport, architecture and music, architecture and food. One must move to the borders of architecture in order to blur it and ultimately renew it.

Any last advice?

Be bold, think out of the box.
Don’t be scared to throw ideas that have never been seen before. And on the contrary, don’t be scared to throw ideas that have been seen before that you can improve. Also, be clear on your tactic and strategy. This way you will easier accomplish your goal.

(Header picture: Archiloci)